Link G4+ extreme ecu and Dash 2 not receiving CAN

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Link G4+ extreme ecu and Dash 2 not receiving CAN

Postby tomCTR » Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:03 pm

So to save thread crapping other peoples threads ad problems I’ve started my own..

So the issue is I can’t read read CAN information from my ecu on my Dash 2 display

My set up is:

Link G4+ extreme ecu
Link CANF connector
RT CAN interface lead pre programmed with link g4+ ecu
Dash 2 display

I installed the CAN interface lead by commenting the terminator connector to 12+ and ground in the loom, then put a Link CANF connector on the can port serial plug.

Using firmware 10 0 6 when I connect the display t the interface lead I get “0” for water temp, AIT readings etc

When I use 9 3 5 firmware, I don’t get any readings or numbers at all, but I now know that it should be version 1 beng used.

Any ideas why I’m not getting the readings on the display?..

I know that I should be using v10 firmware, from reading other information on here!

Any help would be appreciated


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Re: Link G4+ extreme ecu and Dash 2 not receiving CAN

Postby Support » Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:44 am


There are a few things to consider here:

1) Have you made the correct connections between the CAN Adaptor, DASH2 & ECU.

2) Have you configured the DASH2 to show the data from the ECU.

3) Have you configured the ECU to output the correct data to the DASH2.

If you require more detailed information email us at: daniel (at) race - technology (dot) com.

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