Problems updating licence Dash 2 Pro

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Problems updating licence Dash 2 Pro

Postby stealsomefish » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:22 pm


I'm having a problem updating my licence files on a Dash 2 Pro. I have bought the 2G logging and 15 channel canbus licence. I have no problem drawing and dropping the licence file, although with 2 files, one keeps overwriting the other. If I try the individual files after drag and drop and then follow with areas configuration, I am unable to enable any of the extra features within the Dash Options in the menu. For example, If I transfer the Can 15 decode licence and follow the above steps, I am unable to enable the option in the menu.
Also, to get around the problem of files overwriting themselves is it possible to rename them License1 and Licence2?

Many Thanks

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Re: Problems updating licence Dash 2 Pro

Postby Support » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:38 am

Hi there,

Have you been sent a PDF document with your licenses that explains the installation process? If not please supply me with your email address and I shall send it to you.

The license will be enabled automatically should you follow the correct procedure. Please see a brief description of this below;

1 - Connect to device explorer and drag and drop the LICENSE.DAT file to the root directory.
2 - Disconnect from the device explorer program using the disconnect button and remove the USB of the DASH2 PRO from the computer.
3 - Power down the DASH2 PRO, wait 30 seconds
4 - Power back on and wait, when the DASH2 PRO recognises the license, the screen will go blank and the shiftlights flash briefly. The unit will restart.
5 - After the unit has restarted reconnect the USB cable to the computer and enter the DASH2 PRO configuration program
6 - Click the Read Configuration button and allow the configuration to be read from the unit
7 - Once complete go to Options > DASH options, this will show the licenses enabled on the device
8 - Check the list and ensure that your new licenses are shown as enabled on the unit, marked by a green tick

The below options should be enabled for your particular licenses

GPS and Logging

- Normal GPS mode
- X and Y accelerometer
- Vertical accelerometer
- Logging

CAN recieve

- CAN port 1 receive 15

For reference, you cannot load two license files onto the unit at the same time, you must load them independently.

Also the license file cannot be renamed and must remain as it is named when sent to you (LICENSE.DAT). If the name is changed to something different, the device will not recognise the file.

Kind Regards,
RT Support (SK)
Posted by Race Technology Support

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Re: Problems updating licence Dash 2 Pro

Postby stealsomefish » Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:51 pm

Thank you so much. I did go back and check and I was sent the correct PDF, I think I didn't read it properly in there excitement.

I will try tonight after work :)

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