Fuel gauge help

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Fuel gauge help

Postby Itzluke2795 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:44 pm

Hi guys trying to sort out my fuel gauge.
So long story short I had a configuration only just got the car and in going through it. One thing I noticed the coolant temp was 20degree out. I've now sorted that. I'm trying to work out the fuel gauge bearing in mind before I started it showed 1.10.
I looked in the tank and it looks half way?. Anyway I updated the config and lost all what was on there before so ivd had to start again from scratch.
Now my problem is at the unit thrre is a 5v ref into gauge sender unit and I assume the other is an earth so it's a 2 wire circuit.
The resistance from full to empty is 12 ohms to 132 ohms

How would I input this data into the dash2pro?
Does the gauge work in volts? Percentage ? Litreage it doesn't say?

I've measured the volts from full to empty and it's 1.9v empty and 0.28v full. Does this sound right?
Everything I try and input has no effect on the reading on the d2p.

Many thanks

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Re: Fuel gauge help

Postby racetec » Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:02 pm

That sounds entirely possible. You can use a lookup table mapping from one of the analogue inputs to an auxiliary channel for the display. The input would be the voltage and the output can be the percentage, litres, whatever you want.

1.9 0
some numbers in between
0.28 100

You must have a pullup resistor in there somewhere as well, which is correct.


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