Erratic speedo display without moving

Westfield 20XE
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Erratic speedo display without moving

Postby Westfield 20XE » Thu Jun 01, 2023 12:00 pm

Hi, can anyone give me any ideas on solving erratic behavior with the speedo display on a Dash2.

I'm using the RT speed sensor which is set with a 1mm gap using the front hub bolts as a pickup.

The speed sensor cable is routed as far from power sources as best as possible.

I've not moved car as yet to see any other strange behavior is present but once ignition/Dash2 is powered up the speed display can read anything up to 568mph and then come back to zero and it may or may not stay at zero but again start to fluctuate.

Water temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure and fuel level all seem to work correctly with no erratic behavior.

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