How to test GPS

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How to test GPS

Postby karls0 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:59 pm

I bought a Dash2pro recently and spent a lot of time setting it up in my Lotus Elise MY2003 with Rover-engine. Finally I have the things running, but without calibration of the analogue-readings yet.

Does anyone know how I can test the built in GPS without moving the car?
I just put the antenna on a window sill (outside, facing south) and go to the "Test"-menu. I get following values
VEL jumping between .5 and 1
POS 1.414
ALT 1.11

In normal mode I get (on screen 4)
LAT -0.0
LONG -0.2

In the configuration software I have set
GPS receiver data to Take from units built in inputs and sensors
Lap timing data to Take from units built in inputs and sensors

The left edge of the Dash shows four vertical bars next to the antenna-symbol - seems to be OK.

Do I need to set something else in the configuration to get GPS working or is everything OK and I just have to drive the car?
Any help appreciated,
Lotus Elise S2 w Rover engine, Dash2 pro

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Re: How to test GPS

Postby racetec » Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:02 am

Hello Karl

Everything is fine, you just need to drive the car.

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