Horsepower Calculation Q's

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Horsepower Calculation Q's

Postby Bikey » Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:47 pm

Hi - I'm trying to determine/confirm that I have an engine air intake issue at higher speeds (>100mph) by using the HP tool in analysis.
When I ask it to perform the power calc, the number (380hp) matches my dyno number. I also get this same number when accelerating out of turns.
But, when I check HP figures at higher speeds, it is lower and continuously drops (on longer straights, it typically drops and stays around 300hp).
The car is a corvette with a wing and splitter so there is certainly a bit of aero drag at higher speeds.
I would appreciate any feedback from those that have worked with this tool as to whether the shown HP drop is a limitation in the program or if it is a reliable indicator of an issue. I'm not so concerned about the absolute HP number, instead I am more concerned with the HP drop off.
I've attached a couple pics that show what I described above (~370hp on a 123mph straight and no drop in HP while accelerating to that speed, and another showing a lower HP starting point and a continuous drop at higher speed).

tbolt - 370hp - small.jpg
tbolt - 370hp - small.jpg (221.42 KiB) Viewed 71608 times
Tbolt - 1-24 - HP drop - small.jpg
Tbolt - 1-24 - HP drop - small.jpg (233.72 KiB) Viewed 71608 times

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