Dash 2 Pro - displaying speed/gear from Emerald K6

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Dash 2 Pro - displaying speed/gear from Emerald K6

Postby olidaviesuk » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:14 pm

Hoping you can help,

I've got a Dash 2 Pro (2015ish) and have it linked via CAN to an Emerald K6, I've been displaying rpm, boost and water temp via CAN and oil temp and pressure via analog inputs since day one and the whole thing works together really nicely. I've since upgraded what the ECU is doing and I've now got Speed and Gear Pos data available on the ECU via CAN. The dash doesn't want to see the data from those variables. Does it need a firmware update/software update - its still all on the original software that it came with in the box?



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