Dash4/Video4 Y Cable Question

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Dash4/Video4 Y Cable Question

Postby Bikey » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:43 am

Hello - I would appreciate if someone could confirm the internal wiring on the Y cable (YCAB001) -- on the DB9 connector that connects to the DL1, does each branch of the cable simply share pins 2 (Rx1), 3 (Tx1) and 5 (GND), with pin 7 (12v) only going to the Dash4 branch?
Or is there a passthrough concept regarding the serial data coming from the Dash 4 and Video 4, with serial out of the Dash 4 routed to the Dash 4, and only the Dash 4 branch of the Y cable connects to pin 2 (Rx1) on the DL1?
Or something else?
I'm planning on a tidy wiring install by using the Binder 719 connectors in place of the DB9s (on connectors not directly connected to RT hardware), with tailored cable lengths.


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