Motec PDM CN messaging

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Motec PDM CN messaging

Postby nybimmers » Tue May 07, 2024 10:18 am

Hi ,

I have a Motec PDM15 installed in my race car . The PDM can transmit on CAN messages under "Global error" for overcurrent , circuit shut down , overtemp etc.
Is it possible, has anybody decoded these messages and interpret them ? i have a situation where power is shut down to ecu ,fuel pumps and followed by shut down to the DASH2pro while on track . I cant pin point the problem. it would be nice to log and be able to diag. grounds , B+, battery isolator have been either replaced, checked .Wonder if the Motec PDM goes into a total shut down if it detects an overload /short or it disables only the affected outputs.
The PDM does not have fault logging .


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