Overlaying 'laps' in sprinting

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Overlaying 'laps' in sprinting

Postby FlatCapRacing » Sun Aug 21, 2022 8:52 am


I run a DL1 Mk2 in my single seater with v8.5.420 software.

I run mainly at Curborough on the Figure of 8 lap. It's a shared drive, so we run the lap twice. I can put in a map marker at the start point, but I can't get it to register two laps cleanly for overlay. Am I missing a critical setting? (I'm not even fussy about capturing the very start, if that is a challenge, just the body of the lap for the overlap).

https://performanceprojectscom-my.share ... A?e=L5XQcq

Thanks in advance!
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