Dash2 pro set up

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Dash2 pro set up

Postby B13 JUS » Sun Mar 07, 2021 9:51 am

I’m have a nightmare with setting up my dash atm, I’ve nearly had it a year and it’s still not fully working.
I’ve had most stuff working but some things still aren’t.
I have a emtron ecu and connecting to my dash via CAN
I can’t get my speedo, gear indicator and afr to work.
I want the Gear indicator and afr to run through CAN and speedo through a wheel speed sensor.
The wheel speed sensor was working ok on my last dash (dash2) until I upgraded to the pro.
I’ve noticed on my wheel sensor, the led light goes as it should without the signal wire connected but as some as I connect the signal wire it will only dim and not go out.

Can anyone help?

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