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No Revs -2 stroke

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:50 am
by JRH
I am on the verge of giving up so here goes one last try......
I have a race dash 2 on a Suzuki rg500 special.
I had no luck picking up a revs signal, so purchased a RT revs conditioner box. The only place i can then get a signal is ironically on the kill switch circuit, but then it only works to about 3k revs, then it is almost static.
As a final attempt, I have now fitted a Zeeltronic ignition system(thought it was cheaper than changing dash) i cannot get revs from the dedicated revs output, and get the same 3k problem as above.
On a bike forum a guy has recommended the AIM revs box.....but will it be any better than the RT one?
Any ideas?