video 4, DASH 2 and DL1

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video 4, DASH 2 and DL1

Postby williammi » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:52 pm

I have been playing around with some of the Video4 functions, more specific to get the speed, gear number and rpm on screen in the same style as the Dash 2. Progress so far is that it seems as we have contact with the DL1 GPS as we can display the time and speed. This disables the speed visual in the dash 2 whiles driving. seems like we the DASH2 doenst output any data

The setup of the DL1 and the Video 4 configuration is done according to the manual. I noticed in the DL1 setup there was an option to set output frequency’s to work with Video4 and optionally dash 2. Is there some similar function for the dash2? All help would be much appreciated.

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