DASH2+KMS MP25 questions

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DASH2+KMS MP25 questions

Postby jupe_e » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:25 pm

At first the Dash2 I have is Jan 2012. I put KMS MP25 ecu to my car and wanted to connect DASH2 to it. Bought the specific ecu interface and starter connectig to it today... At first I didnt't have that software cd so I downloaded software from website. Because my DASH2 is old I reflashed it. It went well without problems. Then I opened system configuration assistant and DASH2 configure. Didn't have connection to DASH!! Why? Then I tried Legacy program and it worked. Then I tried to configure DASH, but had problems. I could only get wisible first four DASH2 analog inputs. I wanted to configure it for KMS MP25 ( Water temperature temp8, Battery voltage misc3 and Lambda1 misc1), but couldn't get those parameters wisible. If I switched back to DASH2 AI 1-4, then I could see those in DASH. Whats the problem?

Then another question. Do I have to flash the ecu interface, or is it done in factory?

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