why do these forums exist?

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why do these forums exist?

Postby andycaca » Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:57 am

As per the subject, what is the point of having these forums? the VAST majority of questions go unanswered. It is very frustrating to write a perfectly sensible and well thought out question, and to then have it ignored. Are RT support staff supposed to be monitoring these forums or is it a "best effort" endeavour? If it's purely "best effort" then I suggest dropping the forums entirely and allowing verified customers to moderate the Wiki pages instead.

Given the lack of response to my previous question (and judging by the posts with zero replies all over the forum), the last time I had a question I emailed sales@rt and got the correct technical reply within a couple of hours.

Here's a question: can I take the straight output from a bosch knock sensor (0261231046) and calibrate the D2P to display knock values in real time?

Thank you for your time :)

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Re: why do these forums exist?

Postby racetec » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:54 pm

Hi Andy

Seems a bit harsh!! We checked the forum and of the 1000's of posts we could only find a few unanswered and in those cases it was because (according to our records) the user had posted on the forum and emailed us directly... so we answered directly and hence not also answered on the forum. If there are some we've missed a few I'm sorry.

To answer your question "no"....

...a bit more detail on that! The "0261231046" sensor is basically a microphone or AC accelerometer and needs lots of processing to determine if the engine is knocking. Typically you need to amplify the output, filter it, then window the signal over part of the compression/expansion stoke, and finally integrate that signal energy before it is compared with a threshold which depends on engine RPM and load. Even for the large OEMs its quite a lot of development work to get a reliable signal. In practice the knock signal is always processed by the ECU, I'm not aware of any after market "standalone" boxes that do this.

Thanks, Support (A)

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