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Thermocouple Amplifier



A very high quality thermocouple amplifier designed and built by us specifically for auto sport applications. The amplifier comes in 2 temperature ranges and is suitable for many applications including exhaust gas temperature measurement. It requires a 5V supply (obtained directly from the DL1 or DL2). There is a standard miniature k-type thermocouple connector one end, and a flying lead to connect directly to the logger on the other end. There are two versions of the amplifier available, for either -100°C to 210°C or -100°C to 1150°C (for exhaust temperature measurements). The output voltage is 0-5V in either case. Typical accuracy is 2°C +/-1% of reading.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 5V +/-5%
Output voltage 0-5V
Current consumption 5 mA
Operating temperature range 0-70°C
Typical accuracy ±1% of reading +2°C
Temperature range -100 - 1150°C (4mV/°C, 0.4V @ 0°C)
-100 - 210°C (16mV/°C, 1.6V @ 0°C)
Input connector Miniature k-type
Thermocouple Standard k-type
Output connector Wire ended flying lead
Output cable length 2m (other lengths available on request)

For further information on thermocouples and their calibration please visit our Knowledge Base here

Main Product (GBP 75.00, ZAR 1496†)
Available Variations
Thermocouple amplifier, -100°C to 1150°C (THERMAMPHIGH) (GBP 75.00, ZAR 1496†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.