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Wheel Speed Sensor


The "hall effect" wheel speed sensor is highly robust and designed specifically for high reliability automotive applications. It does not require a magnet to trigger it, just a moving metal "target". The sensor is supplied with 4m cable, and is ready for direct connection to the DL1 etc.

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- Better signal to noise ratio than variable reluctance sensors.
- Sensor electronically self adjusts to slight variations in runout and variations in temperature.
- Fast operating speed – over 100 kHz
- EMI resistant
- Wide continuous operating temperature range.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC
Supply current 10mA typ., 20 mA max.
Output voltage (output low) 0.4 V max.
Output voltage (output high) 10 μA max. leakage into sensor
Switching time – Rise (10 to 90%) 15 μsec. Max.
Switching time – Fall (90 to 10%) 1.0 μsec. Max.
Absolute Max. Supply voltage (Vs) ±30 VDC continuous
Absolute Max. Output current 40 mA sinking
Absolute Max. Temperature range -40 to 150°C (-40 to 302°F)

 There are 2 lengths available, short (42mm long body, 31mm thread) or long (57mm long body 40mm thread).

Main product is long body sensor type.

Main Product (GBP 35.00, ZAR 698†)
Available Variations
Wheel speed sensor with 4m cable SHORT BODY (WHEEL) (GBP 35.00, ZAR 698†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.