DL1 SPORT - Our entry level data logger

Initially designed over 10 years ago, but now in its 4th iteration, there are 1000's sold all over the world. With each iteration the DL1 SPORT has become tougher and more focused.

The DL1 SPORT system is very simple to setup and get started. With essential information coming from the internal GPS and 3 axis accelerometer, but with room for expansion with analogue sensors and ECU interfaces. Simple set up, professional data.

The DL1 SPORT, our entry level performance data logger.

The DL1 SPORT is perfect for new users and those wanting an easy to install and use system. It is also the ideal tool for users wanting to improve their driving at races and track days. Very simple to set up and use with user friendly configuration software, but still using high quality and proven hardware such as the 5Hz GPS system and digital accelerometer. The logger is expandable with a range of analogue sensors and ECU interfaces, and can also be connected directly to any of our range of dash boards and video systems. The data from the DL1 SPORT can be loaded directly into Race Technology's widely acclaimed data analysis software to check lap times, check where time was lost and gained, and how improvements could be made using our simulation tool.




Why choose a DL1 SPORT data logger?

Our GPS data loggers do more than just collect the data, they allow all the data to be referenced to not just time, but also to a position on the track. This allows the data to be interpretted in a meaningful and understandable way, referenced clearly to the real world: Pick a corner and see how you braked, how much grip you used and where, then how, you exited. Compare what you did on your fastest time through the sector and learn where you can go faster.

  • Review your braking points and grip usage with the built in 2g 3-axis. accelerometer (optional 6g enhancement available for high downforce applications).
  • Capable of detecting minute changes with 100Hz update rate on all sensor and accelerometer channels - 8 analogue sensor inputs ready for additional sensors.
  • Lap and sector timing, in the software, or live with a DASH2 or DASH4PRO display.
  • Get the most out of your engine by logging information from your ECU*
  • Optional GoPro control + video licence for synchronised HD video and data.


Hillspeed Racing - Richard Ollerenshaw

"Following the introduction of the Ginetta G40 Junior with its standard fit data logging and display system, Hillspeed have worked closely with the team at Race Technology to learn and develop the system into an invaluable teaching tool for junior drivers. In only two seasons Hillspeed have won 18 races and have taken 4 championship titles in Ginetta Junior racing. Our success is down to a number of significant factors, one of these being our extensive use of the Race Technology equipment and analysis software that allows us to teach the key skills required by the drivers of the future"

- Richard Ollerenshaw, Hillspeed Racing

The Ginetta G40 Junior cars are fitted with DL1 CLASSIC (MK2) data loggers and DASH3 displays.


Andy Wyatt - Adaptronic.co.au



"I want to get the maximum data out of my own track experience, and also to be able to put a good driver in the seat and compare his driving with my own. I also wanted a system which would allow me to easily see the data and video at the same time; with some other systems you have to manually synchronise the data and video which would be too time consuming. I also needed the configurable dash because I want to be able to display variables that more experienced drivers can just ‘feel', like Gs and lap times."

"I have a DASH3, a DL1, a VIDEO4, Adaptronic ECU interface and 2 cameras. I have most of the engine data coming from the Adaptronic ECU, including fuel pressure and lambda. Additionally I have connected oil pressure, steering angle and all 4 wheel suspension travels into the DL1. As a result of setting this up on my car, I have been able to capture some excellent data from an excellent driver in my car. I can see that on turn 2 at Eastern Creek, we are lifting the inside rear wheel. I can be satisfied that I'm not having any fuel or oil surge / starvation problems as the pressures are stable. I can also see the limitations of my suspension configuration due to the lateral Gs that we are able to obtain. This gives me an excellent platform to develop the car for next year's Time Attack."

- Andy Wyatt

Main Product (GBP 499.00, ZAR 10325†)
Available Add-ons
DL1 SPORT 6g accelerometer enhancement (DL16GUPGRADE) (GBP 79.00, ZAR 1635†)
2.0GB Compact Flash Card (CF2GB) (GBP 20.00, ZAR 414†)
CF Card Reader (CFREADER) (GBP 20.00, ZAR 414†)
DL1 external battery pack + charger (DL1BATTERY) (GBP 50.00, ZAR 1035†)
DL1 Mains Power Supply (European round 2 pin) (MAINS12VEUROPE) (GBP 25.00, ZAR 517†)
DL1 Mains Power Supply (UK 3 pin type) (MAINS12VUK) (GBP 25.00, ZAR 517†)
DL1 Mains Power Supply (US flat 2 pin) (MAINS12VUS) (GBP 25.00, ZAR 517†)
DL1 SPORT 12V power lead (DL1SPORTPWRCAB) (GBP 25.00, ZAR 517†)
External start/stop button and indicator (STARTSTOP) (GBP 35.00, ZAR 724†)
GPS antenna - magnetic mount 1m cable (GPSANT1M) (GBP 35.00, ZAR 724†)
GPS antenna - magnetic mount 3m cable (GPSANT3M) (GBP 35.00, ZAR 724†)
GPS antenna - magnetic mount 5m cable (GPSANT5M) (GBP 35.00, ZAR 724†)
Spare serial download cable (SERIALNULLMODEM) (GBP 10.00, ZAR 207†)
USB to serial adapter (USBSERIAL) (GBP 30.00, ZAR 621†)
GoPro Licence Only (GOPROLICENCE) (GBP 99.00, ZAR 2049†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.