RT LIVE Options

CAN Communication

CAN reception (15 channel license):
With this option the unit can decode any CAN data from either the vehicles main CAN stream or CAN based aftermarket ECU. This data can be mapped to any RT channels for saving or sending to serial port. Up to 105 CAN receive channels per unit, in multiples of 15 (one £100 licence gets you 15 channels). Messages loadable using .dbc files. Data rates of up to 1Mbit and 11 or 29 bit addressing. For more information visit our knowledgebase here.

RAW CAN reception

Receive and log the vehicle's entire CAN bus data, irrespective of whether it is 11 bit or 29 bit address. Decode it in the Analysis software using DBC files. No need to pre-configure the data logger, just log and decode easily in the software. Perfect for reverse engineering CAN data and using on multiple vehicles. If used with the 1000Hz logging option it can log raw CAN at up to 1000Hz.

GoPro HD Video Synchronisation

Synchronised DL1 data with HD video using the GoPro control option. Included software licence enables HD video by data analysis, and data overlaid video exports from the Analysis software. Control the GoPro using the control cable (compatible with hero, hero 2 and hero 3 white). For further information click here. *GoPro camera not included.