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UsingConfigurationSoftware / SendingTheConfigurationToTheDASH3

Sending the configuration to DASH3 using a PC

Note: You will require a special connector to connect the DASH3 to the PC (not shipped with the DASH3). For more information please contact Race Technology. To configure a DASH3 you can use a DL1 instead. Please refer section on Sending Configuration to the DASH3 for more information.

Once you are happy with the configuration that you have created, it must be transferred to the display unit. To do this, you must first connect the device to the COM port of your computer. Make sure to switch off the device whilst connecting.

When you are ready, select the Send Configuration to Device option from either the Menubar (File -> Send Configuration to Device) or from the Toolbar. The following window will then appear:

Select the connected port and press Send File button to send the current configuration file.

For more information on Configuring and Reflashing the DASH3 unit, please refer the Configuring the DASH3 Unit and Reflashing the DASH3 sections in the DASH3 manual.

Page last modified on October 09, 2008, at 02:13 PM