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TestResults / StaticPositionalScatter

Static positional “scatter”

This test is the simplest demonstration of the overall positional accuracy of the system. For this test the vehicle was parked in a clear location and data was logged for approximately 30 minutes. The data below shows the error from the mean position. Please note that the positional scatter during a stationary test is normally significantly higher than the positional errors that you would expect during a “real” test where the vehicle is moving, and as such is of limited use. The problem with stationary tests is that the results are more affected by “multipath errors”. Also note that the DL2 with DGPS option was tested in this case with the DL2 and the reference receiver connected to a common antenna. While this is clearly impractical, it is simply done to illustrate the level of error that the DL2 itself imposes due to receiver inaccuracies. In this case the spread of errors is about 20cm.

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