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THERMO12 / Specification


Power requirements +5.5 to 24V
Power consumption 1W
Case construction Anodised aluminium
Dimensions 160x61x27mm
Mass 300g
IP rating IP50
Operating temperature -40 to 70 degrees C
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Fixing method Fixing links to other Race Technology products / velro / tie wraps
Outputs RS232,CAN
Maximum baud rate 1Mb/s
Data rate Configurable up to 20Hz per channel
Identifiers Configurable addresses, 11 or 29 bit
Baud rate Adjustable 4800-921600 baud
Data rate Configurable up to 20Hz per channel
Data format Race Technology Temperature channels
Thermocouple inputs
Sample rate Variable up to 20Hz per channel
Type k-type (grounded tip or floating)
Internal resolution 2mK
Resolution 24 bits
Typical accuracy at 25degrees C ambient 0.5 degrees C
Hardware filter RC Digital low-pass
Input range -200 - +1350 degrees C
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