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Software / RTProgramLauncher

RT Program Launcher

RT Program launcher allows you to access all Race Technology programs through a one simple interface.

By using the RT Program launcher, you can do the following things:

  1. Accessing software help and related hardware help topics.
  2. Accessing software version history and firmware versions history of the related hardware products.

Common Applications

Dependinfg on the target application you selected (racing, automotive testing and safety) during the installation of the software, the Common Applications section (when clicked on "Common Applications" at the top left) will appear differently as shown below:

If you select "Install all racing software" option during the installation, Common Applicaions screen will be:

If you select "Install all automotive testing software", Common Applicaions screen will be:

If you select "Install all safety software" ,Common Applicaions screen will be:

Note: There are two methods to move the launcher application.

  • Using the move button at the top right corner.
  • Click on an empty space in the screen and drag the screen to desired location.
Page last modified on November 28, 2018, at 03:33 PM