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RTK Options Tab

The SPEEDBOX RTK is an advanced unit used for technical logging. The user should assess for optimum settings before logging commences. The default settings are reasonably good for most applications.

The base line (the distance between the antennas) is set at a default of 1m.

The base line tolerance is the maximum margin of error allowed in the positioning of the antennas. A wide base line is more likely to produce errors. A narrow one decreases the likelihood of getting a GPS lock if the antennas are not perfectly positioned.

The Maximum Pitch should be set to the maximum level of pitch that you expect the vehicle to undergo. The smaller this level is, the quicker it will be to find a GPS lock. However, if the selected level is exceeded then any GPS lock will be incorrect.

The maximum slip relative to heading indicates the maximum allowable disparity between the direction in which the vehicle (the unit) is pointing and the direction that it is heading. Again, a larger maximum slip rate will mean that it will take longer for the unit to get a lock. However, if this rate is exceeded, no proper lock will be gained.

Ticking the Aid RTK Solution box will help you to get a GPS lock, but THAT LOCK MAY BE WRONG! This function may be of use if the base line is over 1m.

Page last modified on January 28, 2010, at 11:07 AM