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SPEEDBOX20 / ConfiguringEarlySPEEDBOXs

Early SPEEDBOXs were configured differently to current production units. The instructions on this page only apply to units running firmware from v1.0.0 to 1.2.0. Units running v1.3.0 onwards are configured using the interactive configuration program. All units with serial codes greater than 0031 run v1.3.0 or greater, and several units with serial codes prior to that have been returned for upgrade and are running v1.3.0 or greater firmware.

If you are using a SPEEDBOX with serial code 0031 or lower, and firmware v1.2.0 or lower, these are the configuration instructions:

1) Ensure that the SPEEDBOX is turned off (remove power supply connection to the unit).

2) Ensure that the SPEEDBOX wiring loom is connected to the 12-way main connector on the SPEEDBOX case and connect the serial connector on the wiring loom to the serial port of the PC. A USB to RS232 adaptor is available from Race-Technology if required for PCs that lack a serial port, such as some laptops.

3) Start the "Old SPEEDBOX Configuration" program. You will then be presented with the following window:

4) After entering the required values in the fields provided, ensure that the correct serial port is selected, and then press the button labelled "Send configuration data now!".

5) Next, immediately reconnect the 12V power supply to the SPEEDBOX within 2 seconds of pressing the "Send configuration data now!" button. Successful communication between the configuration program and the SPEEDBOX will be confirmed by the following window. Press "OK" to continue.

6) The SPEEDBOX will now be reconfigured with the new output settings. This should take no more than a few seconds. Do not close the program or switch off the SPEEDBOX until the completion notification below is shown. Press "OK" to continue.

7) Reconfiguration is now complete. The SPEEDBOX work normally using the new configuration with no further power cycle required. However, if the SPEEDBOX should "hang" after configuration, then power cycle the unit in order to resolve the problem. If the unit should still fail to start, it is likely that the existing configuration was erased, but the new configuration was not correctly written. To correct this you will need to repeat the configuration procedure starting from Step 1), above.

Page last modified on January 28, 2010, at 10:50 AM