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SPEEDBOX / ConnectorDetails-RearPanel

Connector details (Rear panel)

Power connector

LEMO 2 pin connector part number FGG.0B.302.CLAD52Z

Power Connector pinout details
Pin Function
1 +ve

Antenna 1 and 2

SMA 3.3v feed to antennas. On the standard SPEEDBOX and the single antenna SPEEDBOX-INS only "RF 1" is connected. On the SPEEDBOX-RTK and the dual antenna SPEEDBOX-INS "RF 1" is connected to the master (rear) antenna and "RF 2" to the supplementary (front) antenna.

Expansion port

Both front and rear expansion ports have the same pinout, they are connected in parallel. 9 way D-type male connector. Only one of the expansion ports should be connected to at any one time - use either the front panel port or the rear panel port but not both simultaneously.

Expansion port connector pin out details
Pin Function Voltage range
1 SPI clock 0-5V
2 SPI in 0-5V
3 SPI out 0-5V
4 SPI chip select 0-5V
6 External GPIO 0-5V
7 +16V supply
8 Time pulse output 0-5V
9 External interrupt 0-16V transition level approx 1V,

internal pullup

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