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RTProgramLauncher / SystemConfigurationAssistant

System Configuration Assistant (Race Mode)

This screen is available in Race mode only.

To ensure correct operation of the connected hardware devices, they must be configured correctly. The configuration, that is necessary for each device, depends on the way they are connected. The system configuration assistant provides default configuration file(s) for the programs based on the selected hardware devices. These default configurations reduces the hardware setup times dramatically and help users to start their data logging faster.

For an example, a user who wants to connect a DL1 MK3 and a VIDEO4, has to go through the following steps to configure the system, without the system configuration assistant.

  1. Find the connection diagram for the devices going to be connected using the Connecting hardware page
  2. For the VIDEO4 and DL1, the connection diagram and connection information are in this page.
  3. Configure the VIDEO4 for working with DL1 and send the configuration to the VIDEO4.
  4. Configure the DL1 to work with VIDEO4 and send the configuration to the DL1.

With the “System configuration assistant”, the configuration of devices is straightforward.

1. Select the hardware devices you are going to connect using the drop down lists. Based on your selection, the Connection diagram will be displayed.
2. Open the configuration program by pressing “Configure” button. Programs will be opened with a suitable configuration based on your hardware device selection.

Note: Move the mouse over the Configure button to see the selected start-up configuration file.

3. Send the configuration to the device.

Page last modified on February 02, 2016, at 11:10 AM