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RTLive / OperationOfTheRTLiveWebSite

Operation of the RT Live Website

RT Live Website consists of following sections.

  1. Home section - Used to view the details of run files uploaded to the RT cloud using "RT Cloud" application on your PC or View data uploaded by the "RT Live" hardware units.
  2. Live section - Used to view live data coming from the "RT Live" units with real time map updates.
  3. Settings section - Used to change settings related to the data displayed on the Home and Live data tabs in this web page.
  4. Account section - Used to Add new "RT Live" units and to configure them, configure RT live account, and to purchase credits

Home Tab

Home tab contains details of the run files from two sources:

  1. Files saved to the RT Cloud using the new "RT Cloud" application.
  2. Run data uploaded to the RT Live website using RT Live hardware units (data from registered hardware units under the logged on account.)

The Summary section contains the Total time, total number of laps and the total distance for the selected laps

Live Data tab

This section shows the information relating to the live data coming from the connected RT Live units along with the real-time map updates.

The displayed data includes lap timing data and alarms.

Note that the data displayed on this page can be configured using the Settings Tab of the web page.

To view real-time map updates along with related data, first select a unit from the unit list in the unit list table.

This page shows the messages from the RT Live unit and also you can send text message to the unit.

The two dials in the page can be configured to have different variables form the settings page.

Settings tab

Using the settings page you can configure the following:

1. Display units - distance units, temperature units, power , pressure, and Mass.

2. Data necessary to calculate power.

3. Variables to show on the Dials on the Live data page.

4. Configure the alarms, Currently up to 5 alarms can be configured.

5. Selecting a lap file to be used with the run data.

6. Enable/Disable run table columns and reorder them

  • You can select which columns to display on the run table on the Home tab by using this section.
  • You can rearrange column order by dragging and dropping the columns to desired location.

Account tab

Using this tab you can do the following:

Adding and Removing "RT Live" units to the system

More information is here.

Account Settings

This section allow you to change the Email address and password associated with your account.

Purchasing credits

Additional credit can be purchased using this section and can be paid with PayPal.

Click on the Points buttons to add credits and you can reset the Total credits you have entered and start over by clicking the "Reset" link. Once the credits are entered, click on the PayPal button to complete the payment.

Page last modified on January 18, 2017, at 06:06 PM