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RTAnalysisManagingData / GoProVideoSupport

GoPro Video Support

Compatible with all GoPro video formats, from HD 720p up to 4K UHD.

Synchronise GoPro video files with Race Technology data in the Analysis software. See video alongside data during analysis sessions, and create stunning output videos with data overlays. The Analysis software has been optimised for use with GoPro video files, though videos from other HD video cameras may also be compatible.
Please note: the GoPro camera is not included

Synchronise data with video using the Analysis software:

  • Automatic Time Stamp Synchronisation – Setting the time on the GoPro camera accurately using the GoPro phone/tablet app allows precise alignment with the GPS timestamp from the Race Technology data.
  • Full manual synchronisation – full control of time and frame by frame video to find the exact synchronisation point. Suggested points to synchronise would be:
    • Point of first movement from stationary. Using Xy graph to zoom into point of first significant acceleration from stationary, select this point on the graph and correct frame of video.
    • First passing of start/finish line on track. This point can be visualised in the trackmap window with satellite background images (Tip: Use quick graphs to select the time point and track map to visualise location – time point selected in data will be time point selected in video synchronisation), and aligned with the correct video frame.

How do I know if I’ve synchronised correctly?

Add a lap marker to split the run into laps, and select multiple laps that are spaced out throughout the session. Select a point on the quick graphs and all of the videos displayed should show the same part of the track

Once synchronised, the synchronisation settings are written to the GoPro video file’s properties; so next time the file is opened the video is already synced ready to go.

Video by data analysis:

Seeing the video alongside the data during analysis of the session allows viewing of traffic conditions and visualisation of braking points and racing lines.

Video handling for HD and UHD video requires a capable modern PC. The Analysis software’s video handling had been optimised to be as efficient as possible. We would recommend using smaller video size and frame rates (e.g. 720p at 25 or 30 FPS) if you mainly use the videos in the Analysis software. 4K UHD video creates stunning exported videos, but offers no advantage during data analysis and will require more computing power.

Video Export:

Videos can be exported with full colour, graphical data overlays. Output videos can be 720p, 1080p HD, 2.7k and 4k UHD. The video export tool is now faster, after further optimisation HD videos are now up to 2x quicker to create.

A range of preconfigured overlay files are supplied to generate all sizes of video. Software is supplied to modify these overlays and create custom designs.

Cable Synchronisation (older GoPro cameras only)

A cable is available for Hero, Hero 2 and Hero 3 White edition cameras. The cable connects between the data logger and GoPro camera to start/stop recording as the data logger logs data; resulting in files of the same length. Automatic synchronisation can be done using the control cable, a quick and easy way to add HD video to a Race Technology data system. The cable can be purchased as an optional extra, please select it at the bottom of the page when purchasing.

An example exported video, complete with graphical data overlay is here (remember to select HD):

Page last modified on January 18, 2018, at 06:18 AM