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QuickStartGuide / UsingTheVOB

Using the VOB

Default screen layout

The VOB screen is divided into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant can display up to 4 variables, further dividing the screen into 16 sectors. There are 5 different display types for all sectors, No Data, Short Variable, Short Bar Chart, GMT Time, GMT Date. There are two more display types for the left hand sectors of each quadrant, Long Variable and Long Bar Chart. When these types are enabled, the corresponding right hand sector is disabled because the Long Variable/Bar Chart takes the whole line. Each line is 40 characters wide, 10 characters per sector.

Please note that in the layout below, the background has been shaded to indicate the quadrants. When overlaid on the video output, there is no background shading, and the text appears as white with a thin black outline to make it visible at all times.

SpeedHeading X Position (Long Variable)
RPMTime Y Position (Long Variable)
Longitudinal Acceleration (Long Variable) Analogue 1Analogue 2
Latitudinal Acceleration (Long Variable) Analogue 3Analogue 4

You can alter how the screen is laid out through the VOB Configuration Tool available with Version 6 of the software. The Configuration Tool also allows you to set up the Warning Alarms. For more information on this, please read the help file supplied with the software.

Page last modified on September 27, 2007, at 04:06 PM