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QuickStartGuide / UsingTheDASH1

Using the DASH1

Default Buttons

Up Arrow Changes screen in ascending order. There are 5 screens that each allow you to display up to 4 different variables.
Down Arrow Starts/stops logging. You can set a remote logging trigger through the DASH1. If enabled, you can have the first shift light indicate logging status. See the DASH1 section of the help file for more information.
Set Button Adds a track marker to the run.
Please note that the Menu button will ALWAYS take you into the menu.

The button functions can be changed through the Menu. For more details see the help file.

Default screens

Each screen can display up to 4 variables, dividing the screen into 4 quarters. There are 5 different display types for each quarter, No Data, Short Variable, Short Bar Chart, GMT Time, GMT Date. There are two more display types for the left hand quarters, Long Variable and Long Bar Chart. When these types are enabled, the corresponding right hand quarter is disabled because the Long Variable/Bar Chart fills the whole line. Each line is 20 characters wide.

Screen 1 Speed Heading Screen 4 Analogue 1 Analogue 2
  RPM Time   Analogue 3 Analogue 4
Screen 2 Longitudinal Acceleration (Long Variable) Screen 5 Analogue 5 Analogue 6
  Latitudinal Acceleration (Long Variable   Analogue7 Analogue 8
Screen 3 x Position (Long Variable)      
  Y Position (Long Variable)      

The information displayed on each screen is set up using the DASH1 configurations software. For more information, see the help file. To scroll through the different data screens use the DASH1 up arrow / down arrow buttons, unless these have been programmed by the user to have alternative functions.

Page last modified on November 26, 2013, at 05:34 AM