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QuickStartGuide / LoggingDataUsingTheDL1

Logging data using the DL1

Powering up the DL1

Start the vehicle, wait a few seconds and the "Power" LED will come on. Wait for a few moments while the GPS receiver acquires a good positional lock. Once the GPS has a lock, the GPS LED on the front of the DL1 will start flashing every second, firstly a slow flash, then a fast "blink" for each satellite it has locked onto. The first time the DL1 is used it will take a while to lock on. During subsequent operation the locking-on process will be faster.

Insert a compact flash card

Take a compact flash card and format it in the PC – the compact flash card must be formatted as “FAT” or “FAT16”, formatting it as “FAT32”, “NTFS” or any other file system will cause unexpected behaviour. When formatting is complete, remove the card and place it in the DL1 slot. Once it is inserted wait a few seconds and the status light should start flashing rapidly indicating that the DL1 is ready to start logging data. If the status light does not start flashing, power down the DL1 and repeat the above steps. If the status light still does not flash then the compact flash card may be incompatible.

Sampling data

To sample some data, simply press the "Start/stop logging” button on the front of the DL1. After a short pause, the "Logging" LED will illuminate, indicating that data is being stored on the memory card. Drive the vehicle around for a while (slowly, safely and in a responsible manner). To stop sampling press the "Start/stop logging" button again. When you have stopped sampling data you can turn off power to the DL1 unit. Never remove the card from the DL1 whilst it is logging data. This will corrupt the card and the data will be lost.

Page last modified on September 27, 2007, at 02:41 PM