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Operation / DisplayingGForces

Display Mode

After selecting Display Mode from the main menu, pressing the up or down buttons will cycle through the following menu system:

Display GPS Speed
and Position
Go To Main Menu

Select any of the top four functions and the display will change to show both the current and maximum g-force as a numerical value and on a bar graph. The maximum value can be reset at any time by pressing either the up or down buttons. Pressing the select button at any time returns you to the main menu.

C=0.50G M=0.80G

Whilst in Acceleration g-Force and Cornering g-Force modes, only the acceleration along a single axis is displayed. For example whilst displaying the Acceleration g-Force, any Cornering g-Force is ignored. However, when in Vector g-Force and g-Circle modes, the combined acceleration from both axes is displayed.

The g-Circle and Vector g-Force modes are very similar. The Vector g-Force mode simply displays the combined acceleration from both axes. The g-Circle displays the combined acceleration from both axes and displays it as a percentage of the maximum g-force . The g-Circle mode is intended to give an indication of how close to the maximum grip you are driving. The tilt and roll factors are used when calculating the values to display on the bar graph, and an automatic offset is applied to the acceleration bar chart to account for the AP22 not being mounted completely level, so don't be surprised if you don't see exactly 1g when manually tilting the unit on it's side or back.

Selecting Display GPS Speed and Position will change the display to show the current latitude and longitude. By pressing the Up or Down buttons, you can cycle through the speed and speed accuracy or altitude and altitude accuracy:

Long: 51.4354345
Lat: -1.2463481
Speed: 0.0mph
Alt: 127.625m
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