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MovementSensors / MiniatureLinear

Miniature Linear Movement Sensor

Very high performance, compact linear sensors with a body diameter of just 9.5mm. Fully sealed and ideal for use on gearbox, throttle, suspension and steering sensing applications.

Technical Data
Life expectancy>25 million cycles
Maximum operational speed10 ms-1
Environmental sealingIp65
Temperature range-30 to +100 C
Cable type24 AWG Raychem 55 wire, braid. o.5M FDR 25 sleeve
Cable length (screened)500 mm
Independent Linearity0.5%
Recommended wiper currrent< 10 μA
Mechanical stroke+1.5 mm of electrical stroke
Mounting hole diameter3 mm
Travel / retracted distance between
mounting centres (all in mm)


There are 3 leads that come from the sensor:

  • Red lead should be attached to the +5v supply from the Data Logger Units
  • Black lead should be connected to the ground connection on the Data Logger Units
  • White lead should be connected to an analogue input

A user defined variable can be entered into the analysis software to convert the voltage into an actual displacement if required.

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