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LegacySoftware / DVDBurn

The DVD Burn

The DVD burn software provides a very simple way to convert the video files generated from the VIDEO4 system or Video Export Wizard into a DVD that can be played on most commercial DVD players. The software converts the video files into standard "VOB" files that the DVD players normally use, as well as adding a graphics front end and chapter markers for quick indexing over the video.

The software is exceptionally easy to use, to convert a video file from the VIDEO4 to a DVD only requires 2 clicks of the mouse. "Auto Load" and then "Create a DVD". The DVDs are generated very quickly as the video files are already encoded to DVD standards, typically 1 hour of video can be transferred to DVD in about 30 minutes. This makes it ideal for many applications, including driving schools and other applications where time is limited.

The main window of the DVD Burn consist of the following:

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