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LegacySoftware / DASH3Configuration

DASH3 Configuration Software

The DASH3 Configuration software allows you to configure the display unit according to your own needs. It currently supports two versions of DASH3.

  • Standard DASH3
The standard DASH3 can be configured to display numerical displays, graphs and bar charts of any variable and also display warning etc. This makes it a very flexible solution to all of your data displaying needs.
  • DASH3Lite
The DASH3lite is designed primarily as a lap time display, but also displays speed, RPM, Logging status and GPS position accuracy. Configuration software is used to configure the shift lights.

This documentation is divided into two main sections.

Gives information about the Configuration Software's user interface capabilities.
The DASH3 is supplied with a default configuration suitable for many typical applications. This section discusses how to use the Configuration software to customize the DASH3 configuration.

Following sections discusses each of these in detail.

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