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LegacyProducts / IMU06MK1


These pages will give you information on the RT IMU06 MK1.

What is the IMU06?

The IMU06 is a compact high accuracy inertial measurement unit which is capable of giving a full six degree of freedom output (three accelerations and three angular velocities) with a maximum range of either 2g 150o/s or 10g 300o/s at an output rate of 100Hz.

Who is the IMU06 designed for?

The IMU06 is designed to be used by anybody needing to make measurements for chassis dynamics studies or advanced crash investigations.

What does the IMU06 do?

The unit accepts power input and sends serial output through a 9 way D-type connector. The IMU06 outputs a data packet 100 times per second which includes three acceleration readings and three rotational rate measurements. The data can be fed into a Race Technology data logger, the resulting data will then be shown in the Analysis package as six extra channels of data; three accelerations and three rates of rotation.

IMU06 Features

  • Anodised aluminium case, carbon fibre end panels
  • 100Hz output of all sensor data
  • Full six degree of freedom output, three accelerations and three rotation rates
  • Status LED to show that IMU06 is powered and operating correctly
  • Small dimensions of 89 x 64 x 30mm (LWH)
  • Single 9 way D-type connector for power and signal
  • One cable connection to DL1, AX22, or DL2
  • Decoding software module available for Analysis software to give six additional channels of data as individual channels along with other standard logger data
  • 12V power supply via serial connection to DL1, DL2 or AX22
  • May be used as a stand-alone unit with other serial logging equipment
  • 2g and 150/s or 10g and 300/s options available
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