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IMU06MK1 / UsingTheIMU06WithDL1DL2AndAX22

Using the IMU06 with the DL1/DL2/AX22

Installing the hardware

  1. Connect the IMU06 to the data logging product using the straight though 9 way serial lead provided.
  1. Power up the DL2, the power light on the IMU06 should also be illuminated.
  1. Note that the DL2 will operate in a completely standard way, the internal accelerometers will still be used for track mapping and speed calculations.

Installing the software

The standard analysis software can be used with the IMU06, however you must correctly install the replacement “ProcessSerialData7.dll” before the data will be recognised and used. The procedure is:

  1. Install the latest build of the analysis software (at the time of writing V7.2.29)
  1. Reboot the PC
  1. Open a DOS box and move to the “Program FilesRaceTechnologyV7LocalDlls” directory
  1. Unregister the standard external serial DLL using “regsvr32 /u ProcessSerialData7.dll”
  1. Rename the standard DLL to something else, for example “ProcessSerialData7.dll.standard”
  1. From the “Program FilesRaceTechnologyV7LocalDllsExternalSerialSource” directory copy the “ProcessSerialData.dll.INU06.10g.dll” into the “Program FilesRaceTechnologyV7LocalDlls” directory

Note: If you have a 2g IMU06 you will need to select one of the "2g" .dlls

  1. In the “Program FilesRaceTechnologyV7LocalDlls” directory, rename “ProcessSerialData7.dll.INU06.10g.dll” to “ProcessSerialData7.dll".
  1. Register the new serial DLL using “regsvr32 ProcessSerialData7.dll”
  1. Reboot the PC
  1. Run the Race Technology analysis program from the normal windows start menu
  1. Open the variable manager in the analysis software under the “Data” menu
  1. Under serial variables you will see the new IMU06 variables added.
  • "Acceleration X"
  • "Acceleration Y"
  • "Acceleration Z"
  • "Rotation Rate X"
  • "Rotation Rate Y"
  • "Rotation Rate Z"

Additional notes

  • The units of acceleration are in m/sec^2, the units of angular velocity are in rad/second
    *The IMU is shock sensitive, so if it is exposed to a large shock it may have to be recalibrated
    *The IMU has a bandwidth of 24Hz, and ideally vibrations above this frequency should be minimised
    *The IMU is not waterproof or sealed, so keep it in a dry location
    *The IMU is a precision device and care should be taken to make sure it has a clean 12v supply, in particular avoid large load dumps from the power supply
Page last modified on November 20, 2013, at 12:00 PM