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Frequently asked questions

What calibration factors are used in the calibration of the IMU06?

Accelerometer calibration factors consist of individual accelerometer offset and scale factors, as well as misalignment with the orthogonal reference, and the temperature dependency of the offset and scale factor.

Gyro compensation takes into account individual gyro offset, scale factor, misalignment to the orthogonal reference, linear acceleration sensitivity, and the temperature dependency of the offset and scale factor.

How is the IMU06 connnected to a DL1/DL2/AX22 and how is the serial data made available to the user?

The IMU06 can be connected to a Race Technology data logger through a simple serial cable, provided with the unit. The data is automatically logged along with all the standard sensor data on the logger. When the logged file is loaded in to the Analysis software, the data is visible as six extra channels with no decoding required by the user.

Can the output rate from the IMU06 be changed by the user?

No, if you require any modification to the filter or the updates rates of the IMU-6, contact who will be able to advise you on this.

Can the IMU06 be used as a standalone unit?

Yes, it just requires a 12v power source. It can then be attached to anything which can log the serial data stream.

Page last modified on September 04, 2008, at 01:02 PM