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HowDoI / TurnOffAChannel

How do I turn off channel on the DL1 to save memory and allow faster loading?

step 1: Enter the DL1 configuration software. In the top, left hand corner of the screen, you will find the "Update Frequencies" table.

step 2: Click on the channel that you wish to turn off. (In this case, it was the memory card box for Analogue 1). This will bring up the following window:

step 3: Open up the drop down menu in this window and select either the "Disabled" option to turn off the channel completely, or select a low output to minimize the amount of memory used.

step 4: When you are satisfied, press "OK".

step 5: The "Update frequencies" window will now show the changes made to the channel.

step 6: When you are satisfied, transfer your new configuration to the DL1.

Page last modified on September 26, 2007, at 07:03 PM