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HowDoI / SetUpAutotriggering

How do I set up Auto-triggering for race applications?

For auto-triggering to work in a race application, the autostart and autostop must be identical - i.e. they must have the same source, the same condition, and the same value.

You must also set a pre-trigger and post trigger time.

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Once these have been set, the unit will start logging when the autostart/stop conditions are met. When the trigger conditions cease to be met, the data will continue to be logged until the post-trigger time has elapsed.

For example, imagine that you have you set up the DL1 to start logging once10mph has been reached. A pre-trigger time of one minute and post-trigger time of ten minutes have also been set. In this case you will receive logged data from one minute before 10mph was reached, and for ten minutes after you ceased traveling at that speed.

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Page last modified on January 26, 2016, at 09:43 AM