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HowDoI / LogFromADASH2

How do I set up one of the buttons on my DASH2 to start/stop logging on my DL1?

There are a number of "soft buttons" that are available for use on the DASH2. They can be configured to perform various functions. To configure one of the buttons to act as a start/stop switch for a DL1, enter the DASH2 menu and select "EDIT BUTTONS".

You will then be asked to select the button that you wish to use. Press the button that you wish to designate , and then select the "TRIGGER LOGGER" option

The button will now be set to act as a start/stop switch. Pres "Menu" to return to the main display.

N.B. See the appropriate section for details on how to use the button to trigger the logger.

Page last modified on September 26, 2007, at 06:59 PM