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DVDBurn / LoadingData

Loading Data

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Loading Data

There are two ways to load data when using the DVD Burn Tool.

Auto Load

DVD Burn will search all removable mass storage devices for supported video files (.VD4 or .MP4) upto 4 folder levels deep. If these files are found, they will be automatically loaded into the DVD Burn Tool. If no removable mass storage devices are found, then you will be informed of the situation and the operation will be aborted.

For each video file found, the application will search for a chapter file (.chp file) with an identical file name. If such a chapter file is found, it will be automatically associated with the relevant video file.

Then you can start generating the DVD ( Burning to a DVD or Creating the ISO image) by pressing the Create DVD button.


A window will open that will allow you to navigate around you computer to find the data that you wish to load.

Importnat: Please note that DVD Burn currently does not support videos with more than 6Mbps bitrate. if you select a higher bitrate video, DVD Burn will give you the following message.

How to give your own title names

When you add a video file to the DVD Burn, DVD Burn assigns a default name to the title. Default name will be the created date of the file in dd/mm/yyyy format. You can change this default title name and specify your own title name using the Add chapter window.

  • To open this window, left click or right click on a title.
  • Change the title name
  • Press OK to save the information.
Page last modified on August 13, 2009, at 10:31 AM