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DL2 / Introduction

DL2 Introduction

What is the DL2?

Based on the technology from our incredibly popular DL1, the DL2 is a highly configurable, upgradeable data logging system that is designed to operate in harsh high temperature, high vibration racing and testing environments. What sets the DL2 apart from other data logging systems is it’s durability, accuracy and flexibility. In particular the DL2 uses an all-new 20Hz very high accuracy GPS system that has been designed in-house by Race Technology Ltd specifically for this application.

Who is the DL2 designed for?

The DL2 is available in a number of configurations and is suitable for use in many applications requiring both very high levels of accuracy in a highly robust format. The DL2 can be configured for use in the most demanding racing or testing environments, for example saloon cars, single seater racing cars, drag racing, race scrutineering, boats, motorbikes and karts.

What does the DL2 do?

The DL2 can store data from over 30 channels, 100 times every second. Data channels include speeds, accelerations, wheel speeds, shaft speeds, engine speeds, temperatures, pressures, lap times, sector times etc. All the data is stored on a removable compact flash card, which can then be read by a computer. Our own software is used to analyse the data in great detail to monitor or improve driver and vehicle performance.

What are the key competitor advantages of the DL2?

The DL2 refines our GPS based data logging technology to a level no other manufacturer can match. Our standard 5Hz receiver already offers excellent performance, out performing even $1500 “survey” receivers. The only way to progress was to design our own system, which is exactly what you will find in the DL2 – and there is nothing to beat it for this application, almost irrespective of cost. Add to this the specially designed IP65 enclosure, the high quality components and the extensive testing the DL2 system is going to take some beating!

Standard Features

  • 2 RPM inputs. The DL2 has 2 RPM inputs, only one of which can be used at any one time. One input is designed to be connected to “high level” sources, such as the HT leads or the ignition coil. The other input is designed for low-level signals such as a feed from the ECU.
  • 16 analogue inputs – an additional 8 channels in addition to the stand DL2 specification. The inputs are the same specification, 12v FSD, 3mV resolution.
  • 4 wheel/shaft speed inputs. The DL2 features 4 totally independent wheel/shaft speed inputs. These can be used to measure the speed of all four wheels, or slip ratios across a torque converter for example.
  • Serial data (RS232) input. The serial port can be configured to accept data from an external source – possible examples are data from the engine management unit, OBDII or CAN data (with a suitable adapter)
  • Serial data (RS232) output. This port can be connected to any of our dashboard of video overlay products.
  • Lap beacon input. For some applications it is desirable to use a lap beacon, so we have included a dedicated input for it. This channel can also be used as a general-purpose digital input if required.
  • 3 axis 2g accelerometer. This option can only be fitted in conjunction with GPS.
  • Fully damped GPS/accelerometer sub assembly. The accuracy of both GPS and the accelerometer sensors are degraded with high level of vibrations. To overcome this the GPS system and accelerometer are mounted on a fully floating, damped platform with the logger.
  • Waterproof front cover (gives protection to IP65) Totally protected from dust, Protected from low pressure jets of water from all directions. This can be fitted by the end customer.

Optional Features (firmware upgrades)

  • 20Hz GPS. A high performance GPS engine with full 20Hz (no interpolation) and advanced processing for very high accuracy positions and speeds

Optional Features (requiring additional hardware)

  • Internal Battery pack. Powered for up to 12 hours continuous logging, charges whilst connected to a 12v source. This can only be fitted at the dealer.
  • 3 axis 6g accelerometer. This replaces the standard 2g part, and must be fitted at the factory.
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