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DASH3 / ReviewingMaxAndMinValues

Reviewing maximum and minimum data values

The DASH3 can display maximum and minimum values for each of its variables. These values can be reviewed by setting one of the buttons to the Show max/min function.

1. Set up one of the buttons on your DASH3 to Show Min/Max function as described in the Editing Button Functions section.

2. Using the configuration software, place numeric display controls on the Min/Max screen and associate them with variables that you want to view the maximum and minimum values.

3. Send the configuration to the device.

4. Press the Show Max/Min button on the DASH3 while data is being logged.

When this button is pressed for the first time, it will display the Min/Max screen and shows the maximum values the variables have had so far. The duration where this screen displayed can be changed by navigating to the 4.1 Warning Time menu.

If the Show Max/Min button is pressed again while maximum values are being displayed the screen will change to show the minimum values.

A third press of the button will clear all Max/Min values and return to the normal display mode.

Page last modified on October 09, 2008, at 04:21 PM