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DASH3 / Installation

Installing the DASH3.

Physical mounting of the DASH3

There are 3 mounting options:

1/ For temporary mounting in a car there is a suction mount that can be used on the vehicle windscreen. The suction mount screws into a standard tripod mount that is also commonly found on bullet cameras, this is a 1/4" 20 UNC thread.

2/ For mounting in a race environment onto a flat surface we recommend using scotch lock tape onto the rear of the unit. The weight of the unit is only about 120g so in practice only a small area of scotch lock tape is required.

3/ For permanent mounting the unit has 4 blind holes which are designed to take a 2.9mm self tapping screw (No 4) with a maximum penetration of 6.5mm

In all cases the rear of the case has been designed so that the cable can exit from the top or bottom of the unit for maximum flexibility. In race applications the exact mounting location has to be chosen carefully to maximise visibility of the screen - in particular you need to minimise refections and have the unit at the correct angle to ensure that the full brightness of the LEDs can be seen.

Connecting the DASH3 to a data logger

As standard the DASH3 comes fitted with a single 9 way d-type which takes both data and power when connected directly to a DL1. If the DASH3 is to be connected to anything else (for example a DL2 or SPEEDBOX) then please inquire with Race Technology for the correct lead.

Page last modified on April 24, 2009, at 09:41 PM