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DASH1 / GettingStarted

DASH1 Getting Started

This file contains a quick guide to getting started with the DASH1.

Connecting Your DASH1

Your DASH1 will have a lead with a 9 way female d-type connector on the end, this will plug directly in to the front of a DL1 or in to the Conn 2 port on the back of a DL2 using a suitable adapter, for more information on the DL2 connectors, click here. The other connector type is the RS-232 Serial Connector. This connects to the outgoing RS-232 port on the Data Logging Units. There is no power supply to connect, as the DASH1 draws it's power through the connection to the Data Logging Unit.

Setting up your DASH1

The DASH1 has a storage function for the settings you wish to display. These settings are set up via a file on the Compact Flash card in the Data Logging Unit. The Data Logging units will send the file dash.dat to the DASH1 every time it is turned on, if the file is present. Otherwise, the DASH1 will use the settings that were sent the last time it was configured.

For information on how to set up the DASH1 display, read the software documentation here.

Page last modified on August 22, 2007, at 10:00 AM