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ConnectingToAnRTDataLoggerOrDisplay / DASH1

Connecting the SPEEDBOX20 to the DASH1

The DASH1 can be connected directly to the RS232 output on the SPEEDBOX20 wiring loom, and will receive its power through this connection. Once the DASH1 has been correctly configured, it will immediately decode and display any messages that the SPEEDBOX20 outputs. The DASH1’s default configuration, however, is set to display many channels that the SPEEDBOX20 does not output, in particular all of the analogue channels, and so most screens will display “NO DATA” when connected to the SPEEDBOX20. In order to allow the DASH1 to display more relevant data for the SPEEDBOX20, it is necessary to reconfigure the DASH1, either directly from the PC or using a DL1/DL2. If you are doing it from a PC, a special serial cable is required. This will supply power from the PC to the DASH1. This cable can be purchased from Race Technology if required.

Page last modified on January 25, 2010, at 11:26 AM