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What's in the box

The BRAKEBOX system is supplied with the following components:

• The core BRAKEBOX unit, containing Race Technology’s own very high accuracy PurePhase 20Hz GPS system.

• A DASH1 display with special firmware allowing it to interface to the BRAKEBOX.

• A cable loom to connect the BRAKEBOX unit to the peripherals.

• A heavy-duty Peli case to house the system.

• A 3.3V GPS active antenna.

• Full operating and installation instructions.

• A comprehensive software CD.

• A serial printer if specified by the purchaser.

• A null modem type serial cable.

• Lock tape for securing the unit.

"WARNING": To avoid any possible damage to the car paintwork, please take care when mounting magnetic GPS antennas. In particular make sure that there is no dust or grit under the antenna. In some cases it maybe required to add additional protection to the paintwork prior to mounting the antenna to avoid damage.

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