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BRAKEBOX / UsingTheMenu

Using the BRAKEBOX Menu System

The BRAKEBOX is operated using a simple menu system on the DASH1 display, using the UP, DOWN, SET and MENU buttons. Pressing UP and DOWN moves between the menus or cycles settable values, pressing SET enters a submenu or sets a value, and pressing MENU exits the current submenu without setting any values.

There are four main modes of "root" menus for operating the unit, namely:

  • Display Mode

This mode allows you to monitor the current status of the GPS receiver, or simply display speed, heading or position on the display. No results are stored to memory, nor available to print. This mode is typically used to check the operation of the GPS system or as a simple in-car display of speed etc.

  • Brake Test

This is the mode for testing braking performance. Before using this mode, make sure that the BRAKEBOX has been configured as required in the configuration menu.

  • Configuration

This allows the user to configure many aspects of the brake test including how the test is performed, what results are displayed, default units, whether results are printed and stored by default, and many other parameters.

  • Recall Results

This mode allows the user to review braking tests that are currently stored in the memory of the unit.

The full structure of the menu system is shown in figures 2 and 3, showing the non-configuration-related and the configuration-related aspects of the menus respectively.

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